HMVP 1250 and 2000A Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The HMVP circuit breaker is designed for any medium voltage application requiring safe reliable, low maintenance operation, with long service life.
The HMVP circuit breaker is for indoor application with the Assure range of panels

The HMVP circuit breaker has the following characteristics

  • A spiral spring driving mechanism which is compact, highly modular, stable, reliable and with a long operating life.
  • The intelligent multi-function circuit breaker control unit “iEC” which has very comprehensive protection functions including overvoltage, anti-pumping and controlled power supply time, which can highly improve the overall operation reliability of the circuit breaker and operating life of the secondary control auxiliaries.
  • Functional modular design concept. Each functional module is independent from each other, and is easy to connect, assemble and convenient to maintain.
  • Secondary control accessories can be installed in one step; due to the smart design, wrong electrical connection to the secondary control accessories can be prevented.
  • Is withdrawable by use of a racking handle and can be fully removed from the panel for maintenance.
  • Built-in manual spring charging handle for maintained circuit breaker operation under all conditions.
  • Can provide up to a maximum of 10 NO and 10 NC auxiliary contacts for control, interlocking and annunciation functions.
  • Features full electronic operation as well as manual trip and close buttons.
  • Complies with IEC and the related industrial standards.
  • Tested to 10 000 operations for M2.
  • Vacuum interrupter is embedded pole design and uses Eaton vacuum interrupters. The vacuum interrupter and conductive parts of the primary circuit are cast as a whole by epoxy resin making the unit maintenance free over the entire service life of the product.